• The Intrepid, a battleship turned into a museum on the West Side of Manhattan was attracting over 700,000 visitors per year but was having no luck selling sponsorship
  • Net Results was hired to assess the Intrepid’s sponsorship history and capabilities, create new sponsorship packages, and close deals


  • Net Results found that the Intrepid hosted several events throughout the summer honoring all sorts of heroes in the community that were not necessarily attractive as individual events for a sponsor, but bundled together they created a summer long themed promotion
  • Net Results created a “Summer Salute to Heroes”, packaging the old events and creating several new events under the umbrella theme, and was successful in selling sponsorship to a major supermarket chain, a major electronics retailer, and an ice cream manufacturer
  • Net Results also created the first ever complete capabilities presentation for the Intrepid showcasing all of the assets of the museum in one document and created or enhanced other themed events designed to attract sponsors
  • In 2008, for the reopening of the Intrepid to the public after a two year renovation, Net Results sold a multi-year, multi-million dollar sponsorship to a financial services institution